October 15, 2021

Thao Votang

Thao Votang is a writer based in Austin, Texas.

Nicky Drayden: Speculating future fictions

Writer Nicky Drayden describes her work as “speculative fiction, with a twist.” She has published three novels: “The Prey of Gods” (Harper Voyager, 2017); “Temper” (Harper Voyager, 2018); and “Escaping...

Carmen Argote and Lisa Lapinski have striking, impressive solo exhibitions at UT Visual Arts Center

A pleasant, herb-like smell hits me as I enter the Visual Arts Center (VAC). The doors of the University of Texas gallery are propped open, and it has been...

Natalia Sylvester: Fiction as Truthtelling

In three novels, Natalia Sylvester employs the mundane alongside the wounds of personal history to push the boundaries of readers' perspective

East Austin Studio Tour 2019: One Critic’s 10 Picks

Big Medium boasts 807 artists participating in this year’s edition of the East Austin Studio Tour. For those who can’t pull it together enough to pick up a copy of...

Identity construct: Genevieve Gaignard’s alter egos make the personal political

Do not try to hold Genevieve Gaignard’s exhibition "In Passing" at the Christian-Green Gallery at arm’s length. Or try as hard as you might — Gaignard won’t let it...

Kendra Fortmeyer: Telling Stories Worth Telling

Kendra Fortmeyer won a 2017 Pushcart Prize for her story, “Things I Know to Be True,” which was originally published in One Story and reprinted in "The Best American Nonrequired Reading."...

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