May 19, 2022

Thao Votang

Thao Votang is a writer and at work on a novel. Votang previously co-edited the online magazine Conflict of Interest and co-founded the gallery Tiny Park.

Review: ‘Catastrophe’ by Deirdre Danklin

“I dreamed of rain last night.” So begins “Catastrophe” by Deirdre Danklin (Texas Review Press, 2022), which was awarded the 2021 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize. The Baltimore-based author holds an...

Dalia Azim’s ‘Country of Origin’

Dalia Azim’s debut novel, "Country of Origin" (A Strange Object/Deep Vellum), is a fast-paced, multigenerational family saga that takes readers to a city in flames, to the North American...

Irene Roderick and the fine art of improvisational quilt-making

Artist Irene Roderick is one of those people whose kindness and warmth is unmistakable. And when I see Roderick’s work, I don’t think of quilts. Through blocks of color...

Nicky Drayden: Speculating future fictions

Writer Nicky Drayden describes her work as “speculative fiction, with a twist.” She has published three novels: “The Prey of Gods” (Harper Voyager, 2017); “Temper” (Harper Voyager, 2018); and “Escaping...

Carmen Argote and Lisa Lapinski have striking, impressive solo exhibitions at UT Visual Arts Center

A pleasant, herb-like smell hits me as I enter the Visual Arts Center (VAC). The doors of the University of Texas gallery are propped open, and it has been...

Natalia Sylvester: Fiction as Truthtelling

In three novels, Natalia Sylvester employs the mundane alongside the wounds of personal history to push the boundaries of readers' perspective

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