January 18, 2022

Dorothy Meiburg Weller

Dorothy Meiburg Weller is a writer and teacher. Originally from the Southeast, she's lived in Austin for almost two decades and now considers it her hometown.

To balance rage with tenderness: A conversation with poet Tomás Q. Morín

A writer whose poems dissect and then reimagine, Tomás Q. Morín has a gift for evoking what ails and heals us. Morin’s third book of poems, "Machete," was published...

Newer writers, smaller presses, and the less mainstream at the 2021 Texas Book Festival

The Texas Book Festival is back for its 25th year — not, perhaps, in the way organizers had hoped, with a happy return to the sprawling celebration in and...

In Austin, indie creative writing communities thrive beyond the ivory tower

In a small studio in central East Austin, lamplit, with night outside the windows, four writers work intently in their notebooks. Not far away, poets and musicians share the...

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