June 21, 2021

For Austin, the Nancy Holt sculpture ‘Time Span’ bridges decades

Every April 5, when the afternoon sun hits the sculpture "Time Span" at the Contemporary-Laguna Gloria, a shadow of the sculpture’s steel wheel aligns...

ICOSA Collective launches art project in small town of Bartlett

Four Austin artists — Aimée Everett, Emmy Laursen, Mark Menjivar and Jade Walker — have alighted to the small Central Texas town of Bartlett...
Manik Raj Nakra

Manik Raj Nakra: Where the wild things are

In the solo exhibition “Wildlife,” now at Big Medium, artist Manik Raj Nakra explores the implication of isolation through colorful, allegorical depictions of nature....
Lydia Street Gallery

Lydia Street Gallery opens

As an artist and art therapist Deanna Miesch had long wanted some direct and tangible way to help other artists. A licensed practicing counselor,...
Greg Piwonka

Greg Piwonka: A (virtual) studio visit

On a recent video call, from his small, softly-lit north Austin home studio, Greg Piwonka tells me:  “I think in high school I even...
Andrea Muñoz Martinez

Andrea Muñoz Martinez and the dogs of Borderlandia

Andrea Muñoz Martinez paints a mythical place she calls Borderlandia, "a reimagined borderland full of life and movement... where people resist the idea of...
Vintage painted movie backdrops are exhibited on the Bass Concert Hall stage.

‘The Art of the Hollywood Backdrop’ shows paintings at work

Westminister Abbey, the Sonoran Desert, a Pennsylvania trailer park, a night view of an island city, a rooftop panorama of Madrid. The behemoth paintings in...
Coronado Studio

Eight years after Sam Coronado’s death, Pepe Coronado and Jonathan Rebolloso...

An an artist, educator, and activist, the late Sam Coronado believed in the power of art to shape a community. Coronado’s lifelong commitment to...
Hypatia Sorunke, Adrian Armstrong and Temitope Olujobi

Carver Museum names first cohort of artists to its residency project

The George Washington Carver Museum has named the first cohort of artists for its Small Black Museum Residency Project. Adrian Armstrong, Temitope Olujobi and Hypatia...
Deborah Roberts

Seeing and being seen: In a solo museum show Deborah Roberts...

Deborah Roberts solo exhibition "I'm" at the Contemporary Austin was originally scheduled to open in September 2020. The pandemic changed that, like so much...

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