Texas to get another Turrell Skyspace


Internationally renowned American artist James Turrell is adding a Fort Worth project to his Texas portfolio.

In mid-2023, Keith House, a secular meeting space, will open with a Turrell Skyspace in its roof.  The 3200-square-foot building will serve as a meeting space, modeled after the concept of Quaker meeting houses, but also available for weddings, memorials and other events.

The roof of the building will house “The Keith Skyspace,” an aperture allowing light to pour into the main hall with a framed view of the sky, creating aa light display that changes with the sun’s position. Daily at sunrise and sunset, weather permitting, the roof of Keith House will open to reveal the sky for the primary light sequence.

Information about public viewing of “The Keith Skyspace” will be forth coming.

Raised as a semi-observant Quaker in southern California, Turrell graduated with degrees in math and psychology from Pomona College. He began working with light as an artistic medium in the late 1960s. Many of Turrell’s works, including his Skyspaces, draw attention to light as a presence itself rather than as an incidental source of illumination of other objects.

Other Turrell Skyspaces in Texas include “The Color Inside” at the University of Texas Student Center in Austin, Twilight Epiphany at Rice University in Houston, and One Accord at the Live Oak Meeting House, also in Houston.

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