Pease Park to host ‘The Blue Trees’ installation

The popular public art project kicks off in April


This spring about a 100 trees at Pease Park will turn blue.

Pease Park Conservancy will bring “The Blue Trees” an installation project developed by artist by Konstantin Dimopoulos to the park. Trees are painted a vibrant ultramarine blue as a way to visualize what might be lost through deforestation.

The Australian artist has developed a proprietary mix of water and chalk colorant which renders a matte finish, leaving the tree trunks a velvety and intense cobalt blue. The pigment is harmless, and the painted trees gradually revert back to their natural state over about a six-month period.

In early April, Pease Park volunteers will begin painting about 100 trees that are just north of the newly transformed Kingsbury Commons area of the park.

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Over the years, Dimopoulos has staged his popular project in over 30 sites around the world, including Houston in 2013.

“Through my work I am striving to address global issues and provide a visual platform to effect change,” Dimopoulos has said. “I want to evoke in people the idea that we can all contribute to change in a positive way.”


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