Mexic-Arte Museum re-opens

The museum in downtown Austin will operate with 25% visitor occupancy


Mexic-Arte Museum announced today that it has re-opened.

The museum in downtown Austin said in an emailed announcement that it will operate with 25% visitor occupancy and that all visitors would be required to wear masks. Disposable masks are available for $1 donation. No cash will be accepted for admission or museum shop sales.

A full list of the museum’s health safety protocols is at

Mexic-Arte iis opening new exhibition, “Bruno Andrade Retrospective: A Native of South Texas,” the first retrospective exhibit from the distinguished American artist, Bruno Andrade (born 1947 in San Antonio; died 2013 in Corpus Christ).

Andrade studied art at Texas A&M University in Kingsville majoring in art, then received his MFA from the University of Michigan in 1977.

 In the 1980s, Andrade returned to Texas to teach art at Texas A&M University for almost three decades, serving as a role model and mentor for many aspiring young artists. He was An admirer of Rufino Tamayo and Henri Matisse, Andrade identified heavily with South Texas, rendering landscapes in brilliant color.

“The coastal light of Corpus Christi creates colors that excite my emotions,” he once said. “The one thing that has always grabbed me here is the nature. The power of the soil. I love to have water around, but I think it is the energy of the soil… that really sparks my excitement.”

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