‘Black Austin Matters’ painted on Congress Avenue


Austin woke up this morning to learn that ‘Black Austin Matters’ has been painted on Congress Avenue over night.

In the wee hours, Austin Transportation Department staff closed the street so artists and volunteers with Capitol View Arts and the Austin Justice Coalition could paint the statement in bright yellow.

Each word of “Black Austin Matters” taking up a block from Sixth Street to Ninth Street leading up to the Texas State Capitol. The letters measure some 40 feet.

The three-block stretch of Congress Avenue will be closed through 8 p.m. June 21. And the painting will be on display for at least six months.

Capitol View Arts paid for the art which cost about $54,750, which includes payment to artists, food costs and supplies.

The city spent a combined total of $3,750 on paint and materials, $1,293.12 on traffic control, and $18,600 in staff time, according to the American-Statesman.

Another painting reading “Black Artists Matters” will soon by painted on E. 11th Street in Austin.


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