January 18, 2022

Daniel Tejera

Daniel Tejera is a writer and actor from Madrid. He received an MFA in Playwriting from the University of Texas at Austin.

Film review: ‘New French Shorts 2021’ is very, very good

For some reason, I don’t often think to watch a short or a series of shorts. Shorts just aren’t a part of my regular culture diet. What a missed opportunity...

Film review: ‘The Fever’ is dizzyingly good

Don’t worry, “The Fever” has nothing to do with the pandemic. But it may make you break into a cold sweat. This debut fiction feature by Brazilian director Maya Da-Rin...

SXSW film review: ‘Soy Cubana’ reminds us of the crucial work live performers do

In 2017, shortly after Trump announced his intention to once again close the door on tourism with Cuba, the all-female Cuban acapella quartet the Vocal Vidas received an offer...

Theater is Scary. So is Death in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’ “Everybody”

Theater is scary. I don’t just mean scary for the audience, scary because certain plots or difficult topics might make us feel afraid or uncomfortable. I mean for the...

In ‘hang,’ One Woman’s Decision makes for Chilling Theater

“You want to know my decision?” asks the unnamed female protagonist of “hang.” She directs her query to a pair of bumbling government bureaucrats who keep beating around the...

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