May 21, 2022

Barbara Purcell

Barbara Purcell is an arts and culture writer based in Austin. She is the author of Black Ice: Poems (Fly by Night Press, 2006). In addition to Sightlines, her work has appeared in the Austin Chronicle, Canadian Art, Glasstire, and Tribes Magazine. She is a graduate of Skidmore College.

Waiting to begin again: Ballet Austin’s ‘Preludes/Beginnings’

It’s been over a year since Ballet Austin has performed for a live audience. But now the dancers have returned to the stage with a film. “Preludes/Beginnings” is available...

In Babette Fraser Hale’s stories, the rapidly changing Texas Hill Country is a scale model of America

“Texas seems stranger to me every day,” observes John, a 90-something widower in Babette Fraser Hale’s debut short fiction collection, “A Wall of Bright Dead Feathers” (Winedale Publishing). Like...

Manik Raj Nakra: Where the wild things are

In the solo exhibition “Wildlife,” now at Big Medium, artist Manik Raj Nakra explores the implication of isolation through colorful, allegorical depictions of nature. Folk art mixed with fluorescent...

Living in a bubble: Gesel Mason’s ‘burst!’

What do you want to hold onto, what do you want to let go of? This is the crux of Gesel Mason’s “burst!” an on-going experiment through movement and...

Trucks Don’t Dance: Graham Reynolds and Forklift Danceworks release a compilation album

A new CD by Graham Reynolds, in collaboration with Forklift Danceworks, features eight tracks written for the Austin-based dance company

Waiting For Takeoff: Jerome Pelitera

A pandemic koan: if an art exhibition occurs in an empty airport, does it make a sound? Painter Jerome Pelitera has been pondering this very thing ever since his solo...

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