With “Design for Everyone,” Grageriart adds to its shopping cart



Consumers bought more than 175 million items on Amazon during the two-day sales event earlier this week, according to the e-retailing giant, outperforming the company’s sales on last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.

That’s the kind of all-consuming consumerism that’s skewered by “Design for Everyone,” the latest from theater artist Lana Lesley and musician Peter Stopschinski. The pair of restlessly creative artists have been performing as Grageriart for a couple of years now, staging an ever-evolving and surreal musical show that pillories the idea that a lifestyle is something to be purchased.

It all started when Lesley and Stopschinski eviscerated an IKEA catalog, and it evolved into a devised show. Read all about that in “Grageriart Goes Shopping.”

Now — following retail sales strategy — the pair is offering a new and bigger show, with a couple of additional performers (Mari Akita and Eliza Renner possibly doing robot dances, we hear) and a line of “furnisculpture” by artist Aron Taylor.

Award-winning designer and style maven Leslie Bonnell is creating costumes and the show’s environs, and Jennifer Crump is crafting the lighting design.

Staged in a garage last November, Grageriart’s Garage Art” show was beyond sold-out. And while “Design for Everyone” is in Crash Box, the Rude Mechs new rehearsal studio, it’s still show for a small audience.

8 p.m. July 27 and 28. Crash Box, 5305 Bolm Road. $12. Tickets here

“Making life stylish and fun,” is among Grageriart’s tag lines. And yes, “Design For Everyone” is sure to be stylish and fun.

Lana Lesley and Peter Stopschinski performing as Grageriart
Lana Lesley and Peter Stopschinski in Grageriart’s “Garage Art”


Jeanne Claire van Ryzin
Jeanne Claire van Ryzin
An award-winning arts journalist, Jeanne Claire van Ryzin is the founder and editor-in-chief of Sightlines.

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