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The Weekly Line-up: 6.2.19


A very short and selected list of what’s good and what’s new the week of June 2, 2019.

Jennifer Sherburn’s “Meanwhile…” puts contemporary choreography and original music in conversation with comic books, featuring a cast of six choreographers traversing space with bungee, ladders and mobile set pieces to an original score by William West and Juliana Scheffield.
June 5-14, Rogge Ranch House,

“Legend of Big Bend” CD release party
New music chamber group Montopolis and composer Justin Sherburn celebrate the release of Sherburn’s homage to Texas’ natural wonder, Big Bend.
8 p.m. June 5, the North Door,

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Studio Series No. 5
The monthly night of open studios at the Canopy complex, and this month, new works from Elizabeth Chiles’ developing series, “On Water,” will be feature.
7 to 10 p.m. June 7, Canopy, 916 Springdale Road,

Evan Lawson’s Orpheus
The tragic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice has been celebrated by musicians for as long as we have had means to do so. But what about Orpheus’s affair with fellow argonaut, Caläis? Density512 presents Australian composer Evan Lawson’s “Orpheus,” a new opera inspired by this little-known love triangle and a reaction to the censorship of queer elements in Greek mythology.
June 5-6, Imagine Art,

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House of Kenzo: Open Earth
The latest to activate Abraham Cruzvillegas’s exhibition “Hi, How Are You Gonzo?” is San Antonio’s House of Kenzo, a collective of dancers, designers, musicians, choreographers, and multimedia artists. They’ll bring their provocative performance style that blends dance moves from freestyle, vogue, contact improv, and contemporary hip-hop, along with some devastating sound collages.
7 p.m. June 8, Contemporary Austin, Jones Center, 700 Congress Ave.

“Jeremy Blake: Winchester Trilogy”
It’s wonderful that the Blanton will again be exhibiting Jeremy Blake’s three-part looping film piece that explores explores the history of the Winchester Mystery House in California. Sarah Winchester, heiress of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, spent decades building her mansion to ward off the spirits of those killed by Winchester rifles. Blake layers archival photographs, digital animations, ink drawings, frame-by-frame retouching and an ominous score.
June 9-Sept. 1, Blanton Museum of Art,

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