February 2, 2023

The Line-up: Women artists to see on the Austin Studio Tour


We get it: With some 530 artists represented on this year’s Austin Studio Tour, it’s daunting to know where to start.

We’re all out of practice too. Last year’s Austin Studio Tour was entirely virtual, thanks to the pandemic. That makes the year is the first for everyone to get used to the new format in person. The tour combines both the former East and West Austin Studio Tours — i.e. EAST and WEST — into one citywide event presented across three weekends.

The 2021 Austin Studio Tour schedule is:

  • Nov. 6-7, WEST
  • Nov. 13-14, WEST & EAST
  • Nov. 20-21,  EAST

This list of women artists that we recommend is just a starting point, something with a bit of focus to get you going.

The Austin Studio Tour also a few of its own curated tours at

West Austin Tour (Nov. 13 & 14)

DORF, 5701 Lewood Dr., #185
At this house-based arts space run by Sara Vanderbeek, there’s a trenchantt group exhibition that examines rape culture, survivor justice, and healing. On Nov. 13 at 4 p.m., former Texas Senator Wendy Davis headlines a free advocacy event that includes short performances and films — and a giveaway of healing plants and herbs.

Laurie Frick, 1611 Linscomb Ave., Tour #124
Frick mines personal data to create compelling and colorful pattern-driven artworks.

Cheryl Finfrock, 2111 Montclair St. Tour #136
Extrapolated images from media and found photos merge in enigmatic narrative paintings

Valerie Fowler, 1211 Ravine Dr., Tour #149
Complex, intricate oil paintings and drawings reveal a phantasmagoric view of nature.

Elizabeth Chapin, 309 Park Lane, #150
In painting and installations, deconstructing ideas of nostalgia and feminine gender roles.

Stella Alesi, 1017-A Milton St., Tour #146
Relentlessly curious, Alesi vigorously explores abstraction in all media from large vivid sculpture to alluring prints. She shares her home studio with husband, photographer Leon Alesi

The home studio of Stella and Leon Alesi. Photo by Leon Alesi


East Austin Tour (Nov. 13 & 14; Nov. 19 & 20)

Jieun Beth Kim at CanvasATX, 1606 E. Cesar Chavez St., Tour #240
Painting and photography collide in enigmatic and intriguing ways.

Amy Scofield, 902 Gardner St., Unit 5, Tour #330
Salvaged consumer products combine with natural detritus in sculpture and installations.

Erin Curtis at MASS Gallery, 705 Gunter St., Tour #435
Large-scale paintings that probe geometric abstraction and its historical roots in weaving, nature and ritual.

Jana Swec, 1121 Tillery St., Tour #438
Movement, pattern and line get their due in vivid paintings.

Paloma Mayorga at The Projecto, 1211 E. 11th St., Ste. 200, #445
Mayorga uses very intriguing and unconventional photographic methods to consider ecofeminist philosophies and gender politics.

At Canopy, 916 Springdale Road

  • Susan Scafati, Bldg. 1, studio 110
    Everything is delightfully and colorfully in flux in Scafati’s light metaphors>
  • Jenn Hassin, Bldg. 1, studio 124
    No one reshapes personal artifacts and materials into objects of beauty and grace the was Hassin does.
  • Elizabeth Chiles, Bldg. 1, studio 205
    Utterly beguiling and beautiful photo-based nature-inspired collages.
  • Elzabeth Schwaiger, Bldg. 1, studio 206
    Paintings of beautiful yet jittery scenes that lie somewhere at the confluence of luxury and disaster.
  • L. Renée Nuñez, Bldg. 2
L. Renee Nunez
Detail of an installation in the studio of L. Renée Nuñez


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