The Animal Facts Club Wants You to Contribute to its Zine


With public closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Contemporary Austin and the Animal Facts Club — a consortium of artists, scientists, musicians, and writers who present projects and programs about the animal world — is changing up its previously scheduled in-person meeting.

Now, the Animal Facts Club invites everybody to participate in a remote collaboration that to create an Animal Facts Club zine. The deadline for submissions is April 1.

Here’s the details:

Participants are invited to share their curiosity about the natural world by creating one visual page and one written page about an animal(s) of their choice. Contributions will be shared via social media and ultimately be compiled into the collaborative zine. All contributors will get a free zine at a zine release party (date and location TBD, sometime this fall when we can all be together).

Suggested themes for submissions include Social / Distance. Either or both of these words can be interpreted when making animal selections. If you’re feeling stuck, read below for some prompts to get started:
  • Social: Are they group, pack, or troop animals? Are they solitary? How do they interact with each other? How do they communicate?
  • Distance: How much distance does your animal’s range cover? How much distance can your animal travel in a given time? How much distance does your animal keep from other animals?
Contribute to this unique Animal Facts Club meeting by creating one visual page and one written page about the animal(s) of your choice following these instructions:
  • Fold an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper in half, to create two 5.5” x 8.5” sections. Give yourself approximately ¼” border if you’re concerned with image getting cropped in the zine making process. The center crease is where the staples will go.
  • For the visual page, make a drawing, create a collage, sketch, doodle, scribble, or trace.
  • For the written page, you can provide bullet point facts, Powerfacts (Powerfacts are facts that make you say, What??!), write a poem, haiku, acrostic, or short story.
  • All ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Contributors need not be artists or biologists to share their curiosity about the natural world!
  • Submit your pages digitally via a good scan or good clean photo to or


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