Ransom Center launches effort to document 2020’s effects on theater industry


The Ransom Center is launching a new digital collecting initiative to capture the effect that 2020 has had on the theatre industry.

With Theatre 2020 Project the University of Texas research library will aggregate national and international stories, photographs and videos documenting the experiences of those working in the theater.

The project welcomes digital material from theater artists and organizations that documents how the events of 2020 have affected them, from the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closures and furloughs, to national politics and protests and the experiences of those reckoning with longstanding racial injustices in the industry.

“While theater companies are struggling to stay afloat, artists are also developing new methods of creating work. The Theatre 2020 Project will help document these changes as they happen,” said Eric Colleary, the center’s curator of theatre and performing arts.

The center will collect stories and files throughout the duration of the pandemic.

“With everything happening so quickly, and digitally, the enormous changes underway are not going to be easily captured by archives. This is a moment that students, scholars, and artists will look back on and wonder how we responded and how we changed,” Colleary said.

See hrc.utexas.edu/theatre2020

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