February 1, 2023

MASS Gallery Moves to New Location


Another East Austin gallery is on the move.

MASS Gallery is leaving its East Austin home of the past five years for new location, also in East Austin.

The non-profit artist-run gallery —  a polished presenter of some of the Austin art scene’s freshest and most thoughtful exhibits and programs — is leaving its home at 507 Calles St. to make way for an internet startup. The gallery has signed a five-year lease on a 1,000-square-foot space at 705 Gunther St., just off East Seventh St. About 800-square-feet will be used for exhibits and 200-square-feet will be parceled off for a studio. (MASS supports annual summer residency.) The former warehouse also includes a large yard which the MASS artists plan to use for performances, films and program.

MASS has launched a crowd-funding campaign to cover about half of the estimated $30,000 in costs to finish out the Gunther Street space. Construction will begin this month.

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Started in 2006, MASS Gallery shared space within what at the time was the Blue Theater, an out building of what is now the Canopy complex on Springdale Road. MASS stayed until 2010. After a few years operating nomadically, in 2013 the collective took up in 1,500-square-feet of the then-new space on Calles Street, a converted warehouse re-developed by real estate investor Peter Barlin. (Barlin is also the developer behind the 979 Springdale Road warehouse conversion where Ground Floor Theatre and Dimension Gallery reside.)

MASS Gallery members currently include Erin Gentry, Drew Liverman, Hollis Hammonds, Jules Buck Jones, Richard P. Mansfield, Scott Proctor, Aaron Dubrown, Andrea Calo, Ted Carey, Michelle Devereux and Ida Béhjat Nematipour.

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