‘For La Raza’ Mural Restored in East Austin


The city of Austin has finished restoration work on an iconic mural celebrating the Chicano heritage in East Austin.

Originally created in 1992 muralists Robert Herrera and Oscar Cortez, “For La Raza,” is one of several murals sited on the exterior wall of the decommissioned Holly Street Power Plant near the Holly Shores and Festival Beach area in east Austin.

Over the years, the mural fell into disrepair, with much of its vibrant imagery — including Aztec gods and symbols of Mexican history and identity — having faded or been tagged by other artists.

The mural was recently restored as part of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department’s Holly Shores Master Plan, Phase 1 implementation. The city’s Art in Public Places Program commissioned Arte Texas — a community organization working to save historic murals in east Austin as well execute new ones, which includes Herrera and Cortez —  to restore the mural.

Herrara and Cortez introduced a new generation to the mural painting tradition. In addition to meeting with neighborhood groups and associations, Arte Texas worked with students from the eastside community.

The project will be celebrated at a free, public event on 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. July 21 at 2215 Riverview St.



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