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First look: Creek Show 2019 installations revealed

Six design teams have been selected to create light-based installation along Waller Creek in downtown Austin



The 2019 iteration of Waller Creek Conservancy‘s super-popular Creek Show may be five months away. But the line-up of participating design teams and their concept renderings have just been announced.

Six design teams have been selected from an open call to create light-based installations for the three-block stretch of Waller Creek between East Ninth and Twelfth streets. This year’s free, and family-friendly, Creek Show runs Nov. 7 through 17 and is open 6 to 10 p.m. nightly.

Last year was the first that Creek Show, now in its sixth year, was located upstream from its original location between East Fifth and Eighth streets. An estimated 50,000 people attended in 2018..

Here are the six design teams and their selected concepts:

"String Theory," Boka Powell
“String Theory,” Boka Powell (James Cornetet, Franco Palomo, Miren Urena)

“m e a n d e r,” frankev (Frances Peterson, Kevin Sullivan)

"The Ghost Boat," Nelsen Partners
“The Ghost Boat,” Nelsen Partners (Lindsay Abati, Johanna Spencer, Daniela Valle)

"Light House," Sunny Schneberger and Norma Yancey
“Light House,” Sunny Schneberger and Norma Yancey

"Downstream Upcycle," Design Workshop
“Downstream Upcycle,” Design Workshop. (Laura Bryant, Claire Eddleman-Heath, Eric Leshinsky, Kenley Reed)

"Aurora," 1909B
“Aurora,” 1909B. (Brooks Anderson, Bruno Canales, Mitch Flora, James Holliday, Zach Lyons, Andrew Mitchell, Will Powell, Nolan Thomas)


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