Creek Show artists and installations announced

This year the light-based, site-specific art installations will take place in the recently opened and radically re-imagined Waterloo Park


Creek Show is back!

The popular temporary exhibition of light-based, site-specific art installations along Waller Creek returns this year Nov. 12-21. And this iteration will take place within the recently opened and radically re-imagined Waterloo Park, the first phase of the Waterloo Greenway park system.

Creek Show commissions light-based artwork by Austin architects, landscape architects, artists and designers, chosen through an open public call. The event was put on hold last year because of the pandemic.

Creek Show 2021 will have five installations:

BioNext by Wevolve Labs (Nicholas DeBruyne) takes its a craft and material based approach and responds to the biology of plants and animals found at Waller Creek in both form and material. The free-standing sculptures feature a translucent bio-plastic skin made with site-specific organic matter formed over a bent-wood frame. A lighting strategy and soundscape join the figures in conversation with each other.

Creek Show 2021

CREEKture by GFF Austin (Jake Chavez, Maxine Kraft, Sydney Galloso, Zach McLain and Faiza Tayyab) is a metaphor for the Texas Blind Snake, an Austin native species which calls Waller Creek home. In this creative imagining, it rises from the dampened soil of the creek bed before receding back into the murky depths of the earth, allowing spectators a brief glimpse of this elusive creature.

Creek show
High Light

HIGH LIGHT by Chioco Design + Drophouse Design (Brooke Burnside, Marigny ‘Frankie’ Klein, Christian Klein, Irela Casanova, Jamie Chioco, Christy Taylor and Matt Satter) repurposes the familiar material of steel pipe to create tripod arrangements that shoot up toward the sky.

Creek Show 2021

Si-glo by dwg will use lighted inflatables to celebrate the century plant to epic proportions and new plant life is brought to the new green space in the heart of Austin.

Creek Show 2021

SWAY by SWAY (Clayton Cain and Ian Randall) features weighted light fixtures that sway in the breeze.

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