June 21, 2021

Line Upon Line finds its context

With a poof of talcum powder, Line Upon Line percussion ensemble opened its season in September. It was a slow pour of powder actually, part...

What is Steve Parker actually doing?

Steve Parker is waiting for grackles. Wearing an un-self conscious outfit of sandals, floppy hat — and 2008 vintage alt classical group "Bang On...

The etiquette box: The culture of classical music needs redress

At Austin’s Central Presbyterian Church for a recital by world-renowned violinist and teacher Miriam Fried, I was immediately struck by a note in the...

From Prokoviev to Pussy Riot

Our collaboration with KMFA 89.5 brings this interesting interview with the adventurous new recording project by cellist Matt Haimovitz and pianist and radio host...

Graham Reynolds’ musical pastiche probes the myths of Pancho Villa

The life of Pancho Villa might just be naturally occurring opera. The Mexican Revolutionary bandit-general is ripe for mythologizing, the facts of his life so...

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