February 4, 2023

Big Medium launches two international artist exchanges



Big Medium is leading two international art exchange programs in Korea and Spain, the Austin non-profit visual arts organization announced.

Beginning this week, eight Austin-based artists will have their work presented on large high-quality flat panel digital displays at the Oil Tank Culture Park in Seoul, a reclaimed industrial site turned into a cultural facility.

The exhibition “Wider West/와이더 웨스트” features a total of 164 artworks featured on eight digital displays, one for each of the artists: Matthew Bourbon, Jeffrey Dell, Robert Hodge, Ysabel LeMay, Beili Liu, Melissa Miller, Julie Speed, Sydney Yeager.

Big Medium’s executive director Shea Little will travel to Seoul to participate in the 2019 Oil Tank Culture Park Global Network, a two-day summit discussing cultural spaces and how they change cities and lives.

Then in May of 2020, the companion exhibition “Deeper East” will showcase Korea-based artists at Big Medium and at the Austin Central Library.

Simultaneously, Big Medium’s Spain International Exchange currently features Justin Balleza and Jorge Molina who are in Spain for one month, hosted by artist Inés Batlló,  who divides her time between Austin and Barcelona. Batiló is facilitating visits to ateliers, museums and other cultural sites for the Austin artists. Balleza and Molina will share their experiences in public talk on Sept. 6 at Big Medium.

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