January 18, 2022

Penny Snyder

Penny is a writer and communicator who is invested in ideas of the public and access to art, architecture, and livable cities. She graduated from Wesleyan University in 2016, with high honors for her thesis examining how neoliberal urban development around new museum buildings weakened public space.

Two chairs and a green sponge: Ten Eyck Landscape Architects transform Kingsbury Commons in Pease Park

Tucked along the street noted on Google Maps as “Parkway” that runs the western length of Pease Park to the south of 24th Street, are two old plastic and...

Pandemic Places: Notes from Afield

When I wrote the last iteration of our Pandemic Place series, COVID-19 case levels were through the roof and Austin hadn’t had its infrastructure tested by a deadly winter...

Living Distance: The Pandemic Place Q&A with Gerardo Gandy and Project P A R K S P A C E

This exhibition wasn’t installed in a museum. Instead it opened this past summer as part of Austin’s parks infrastructure. It was composed of bright boxes painted on grass in a...

A Good-bye to 2020: Introducing the Pandemic Place Questionnaire

Late one Friday night in May, I went for a rambling walk in my neighborhood, enjoying the late-night abstractions of streetlights and shadows transforming a familiar landscape into something...

Vague Terrain and Temporary Tigers: The Pandemic Place Questionnaire with architect Murray Legge

When I asked architect Murray Legge what our city needed, he essentially said nothing. Invoking architect and theorist Ignasi de Solà-Morales’ concept of the terrain vague — a theory of...

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