January 18, 2022

Marla Akin

Marla Akin is an enthusiast of cultural history and roadside America, currently serving on the board of the Society of Commercial Archeology. A postcard and vintage paper collector, she retired as Assistant Director of the UT Michener Center for Writers in 2018. She currently serves on the Sightlines board.

Common ground: The story of Austin’s newest, and only Black, historic district

The recent designation of Austin’s newest, and only Black, historic district means a cluster of midcentury homes and the histories of their owners, who claimed the enclave as their...

Cambridge Tower: From celeb to invisible icon and back again

Long before soaring residential towers raced one another up Austin’s skyline, a beacon of urban modernity years ahead of its time took shape at Lavaca and W. 19th Street...

Forklift Danceworks’ ‘Givens Swims’ dives deep into a community

  "Givens Swim" is the last in the "My Park, My Pool, My City" trilogy from Forklift Danceworks in collaboration with Austin Parks and Recreation’s Aquatics Division, promoting civic engagement...

A Midcentury, Midtown History Worth Preserving

Across decades, the fortunes of a cluster of Central East Austin neighborhoods have reflected much of the city’s vision of itself — its midcentury post-war aspirations, the socio-economic barrier...

In plain sight: A midcentury East Austin treasure, packed with history, gets a new life

An unassuming low-slung building stands at 1191 Navasota Street in East Austin, easy to overlook in the dense growth of the area’s real estate boom.  Though now vacant, a...

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