Lana Lesley

Lana Lesley is a performer, hiker, dog-lover, and founding co-Producing Artistic Director for a theatre collective based in Austin, Texas called Rude Mechs. Lana is currently staring at her new graphic novel, "rude mechs' Lipstick Traces," and creating a new show called "Grageriart's Design 4 Everyone" with Peter Stopschinski, Mari Akita, Leslie Bonnell, Aron Taylor and Eliza Renner. Rude Mechs will produce a workshop of it in late July 2019.

Rude Mechs’ “Lipstick Traces” becomes a graphic novel

WHO WE ARE Rude Mechs is a theatre collective based in Austin, Texas. We make new plays, produce them in Austin, and when we're lucky, we tour them nationally and...