January 18, 2022

Kaila Schedeen

Kaila Schedeen is an art historian, curator, writer, collaborator, and creative thinker. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Art History at the University of Texas at Austin.

Ariel René Jackson and Michael J. Love imagine a Black futurist family archive

What does an archive of generational love, loss, and fortitude look like? "We are the , Baby, are we" is Ariel René Jackson’s and Michael J. Love’s attempt...

At grayDUCK Gallery, ‘small acts’ makes a big impact

The exhibition "small acts," at grayDUCK gallery, weaves together recent works from four Austin artists: Betelhem Makonnen, Christina Coleman, Deborah Roberts, and Tammie Rubin. It’s an examination of how...

Call and Response: A Conversation with Jeffrey Gibson

  Jeffrey Gibson is a New York-based artist specializing in painting. He is an enrolled member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and is half Cherokee. His multimedia practice...

Trying to get present: Black Mountain Project’s constant escape

The first thing you notice upon entering the gallery space for constant escape is an upending of perspective. A massive vinyl print of a hand clasping a reflective glass...

Rachel Winston: Archives as Activism

Rachel Winston is an Austin-based activist, curator, and archivist. She graduated with a BA in anthropology with a minor in French from Davidson College and received her MSIS with...

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