February 1, 2023

Joshua Figueroa

Joshua Figueroa is a musicologist and arts writer from Santa Barbara, California. Now based in Austin, he splits his time between going out to eat too much and arguing about video games.

To hear, is to play in ‘Omikronian’

While some recordings aim to have listeners hear the rosin singing off a violin bow, there aren’t many that can make you feel the concave, smooth, and plasticy feel...

DensitySOUND kicks-off by folding in and folding out

New music hopefuls need not tunnel their vision to Los Angeles and New York for much longer. The Austin-based musical collective Density512 is igniting a new music Bat-Signal with the...

Nathan Felix pivots the release of a new opera to digital, and finds new audiences

In a time when the possibility of connection feels as small and far-reaching as a single room, it is surprising when a work of music can suddenly make the...

Live on Stage, but Online, the Miró Quartet Plays All of Beethoven’s String Quartets

Slowly, responsibly, and surely, the Miró Quartet is mounting their virtual return to the live stage. Beginning July 16 the Miró will be continuing its 25th anniversary season with 12...

The Purity of Play in Yevgeniy Sharlat’s “Spare the Rod!”

Yevgeniy Sharlat was busy in 2013 facing the greatest challenge a composer can endure — raising two toddlers. “They took over our lives, of course,” says the Russian-born Austinite....

Small Moments of Life in the Face of “Everest”

Austin Opera scales the musical and dramatic peaks of the sleek, tension-filled "Everest"

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