January 27, 2023

Jeannie McKetta

Jeannie McKetta is a doctoral candidate in Modern and Contemporary Art History at the University of Texas at Austin, where she also completed her MA and BA in Art History (2012, 2007) and her BFA in Studio Art (2007). The subjects of her dissertation are the artists Vija Celmins and Giorgio Morandi as still-life painters in the post-WWII period. Generally she enjoys studying phenomenology, language, Italian art history, and how artists make what they make.

Studio visit: Alexandre Pépin

As I now recall it, sunlight flooded my field of vision as I drew aside the bare canvas curtain that separated the two semi-private painting studios of Rowan Howe,...

Zach Meisner: Untitled

In February of 2019, a disagreement arose between two gallery-goers at the opening reception for “Duæl,” Zach Meisner’s first solo exhibition at the gallery MICKEY in Chicago. Both visitors...

Under pressure: Bethany Johnson’s intimate sculptures conjure core samples from an Anthropocene age

At Austin's Grayduck Gallery, Bethany Johnson's sleek small sculptures are made of compressed layers of reclaimed materials that would otherwise have been sent to the landfill

The painterly, tactile and immersive canvasses of Erin Curtis

On the final weekend of this year’s Austin Studio Tour I meet with the artist Erin Curtis at her current solo exhibition “Trapdoor” at MASS Gallery. Before visiting hours...

Animal, vegetable, and mineral: A studio visit with Cheyenne Weaver

Approaching Cheyenne Weaver’s home/studio, I am greeted at the curb by a very official-looking, green and gold painted metal placard declaring the space to be a “Certified Wildlife Habitat.”...

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