February 1, 2023

I.B. Hopkins

I. B. Hopkins is a playwright from Gainesville, Georgia. He is a M. F. A. candidate (playwriting) at University of Texas at Austin.

Feats of bareback storytelling in Allison Gregory’s “Wild Horses”

Allison Gregory’s storytelling rides bareback across life’s unorganized areas in “Wild Horses” at The Vortex. At times heartbreaking and unremittingly hilarious, Jennifer Coy Jennings excels as the one-woman play’s...

Slipping history: Paper Chairs’ “Catalina de Erauso”

“Catalina de Erauso” is slippery. The eponymous 17th-century “lieutenant nun” on which Elizabeth Doss’s latest play is based managed to first escape a convent and later Hapsburg Spain by disguising...

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