February 1, 2023

Erin Keever

Erin Keever is an Adjunct Professor of Art History, freelance writer, art historian and art appraiser. She lives and works in Austin, and serves on the Sightlines board.

At the Stephen L. Clark Gallery, remaining resilient

Conditions under COVID-19 have provided welcome encouragement for me to develop skills and perform less customary tasks, mainly in the realm of technology. Many visual artists, galleries and museums...

In Pease Park, the offer to experience “Mystic Raven” still stands

Ever driven, biked, walked or otherwise moved past the big black sculpture at Austin’s 29th St. and North Lamar? Well if you’re still driving, biking, walking or otherwise moving,...

Speed Distancing

With Julie Speed’s recent show “A Purgatory of Nuns” at the Bale Creek Allen Gallery in Austin now closed, I thought I’d catch up a bit with the artist...

Getting Prescient: Elizabeth Schwaiger’s Paintings Suggest Disaster on the Heels of Societal Indulgence

Whether remembered as cautionary tale or cataclysmic event, the COVID-19 outbreak from which we are reeling, has the potential to do lasting damage to our lives, including changing how...

“The Pleasure of Making” makes Viewing a Pleasure

At ICOSA Collective, the exhibition "The Pleasure of Making" spotlights the work hobbyists and crafters

Monster-making at the Blanton is Not All Fun and Games

Once upon a time books were written and illuminated by hand. Manuscripts were designed by monks or masters and used for public and private acts of Christian devotion. Woven...

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