February 4, 2023

Christiana Sullivan

Christiana Sullivan is an Austin-based freelance journalist interested in the intersection of ethics and aesthetics. She has written for publications such as Texas Monthly, Texas Architect Magazine and Virginia Architecture Magazine. Among other things, she has written about culinary programs for refugees, Texas regional architecture, natural wine philosophy and the South Texas border. In 2019, she received a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Texas.

Nari Ward’s Poetry of Objects

  The empty strollers stand sequestered together so that they surround you on almost all sides. They are dirty and dilapidated, their sense of abandonment enhanced by a veil of...

Mexic-Arte Museum’s “Buen Vivir/Vivir Bien”

  When Mexic-Arte Museum asked Tatiane Santa Rosa to curate the 24th rendition of its Young Latinx Artists (YLA) exhibition, she was thrilled. The Brazilian-born emerging curator, art critic and...

Rehab El Sadek creates an infrastructure for memories

  To this day, the conceptual artist Rehab El Sadek favors a visit to a history museum over one to a contemporary art museum. Growing up as she did amidst...

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