Andrea Muñoz Martinez and the dogs of Borderlandia


Andrea Muñoz Martinez paints a mythical place she calls Borderlandia, “a reimagined borderland full of life and movement… where people resist the idea of unjust borders.”

The Austin artist, who grew up in South Texas, uses small repeated, interlaced marks of vibrant colors to create a sense movement and vibration in an optical illusion called the Bezold effect.

“Today, the U.S.-Mexico border is constantly being presented as a place of danger and violence. But to me the borderlands are home. It’s a place of humanity, solidarity, and compassion. Paintings of Borderlandia are my valentine to the borderlands. They are my own addition, threads of color, to the fabrics woven by my mother, father, and those that came before them.”

Recently she began adding dog figures to her abstractions, and her exhibition “Dogs Heal in Borderlandia” is at Link & Pin Gallery through April 18.

For Muñoz Martinez, dogs are guardians and companions. “They provide protection and guidance to border-crossers… portraits of dogs insert humor, comfort, and joy into difficult but urgent realities about the borderlands.”

Link & Pin Gallery is located at 2235 E. Sixth St. The gallery is open 1 to 5 p.m.  Thursday-Saturday and by appointment. Masks are required at all times.

Muñoz Martinez will also take part in a virtual “Fresh from the Studio” artist talk via Women & Their Work on March 18 at

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