Writing for Sightlines


At Sightlines, we take a spacious view of culture. We publish articles about visual art, performance, theater, dance, books, film and music, and also  public art, design, architecture and historic preservation.

Our writers also examine cultural ideas and broader social issues relating to all art forms, or things historical that are salient to our current times. Our articles offer strong, clear, lively writing for a culture-curious general reader, and we avoid art world or academic jargon

Based in Austin, Sightlines is always open to coverage from other Texas cities and places, and occasionally beyond.

We do not accept unsolicited articles.

Want to write for Sightlines?

We are a professional publication with paid contributors. In return, we expect a professional level of quality arts journalism, both in terms of writing and in practice.

If you are interested in writing for or pitching to Sightlines, contact editor Jeanne Claire van Ryzin at