October 19, 2020

The 2018 Fusebox Festival line-up is up: Our picks


The schedule for the 14th iteration of Fusebox Festival is live!

Start perusing the line-up at schedule.fuseboxfestival.com. The festival is free but you’ll need to reserve your spot to get in to most performances.

Just a few of our picks:

  • Charles O. Anderson’s “(Re)current Unrest,” an evening-length immersive dance performance installation built on the sonic foundation of music by minimalist composer Steve Reich.
  • “All the Sex I’ve Ever Had.” Since 2006, this performance project by Canadian theater artist — invites local seniors to share stories about their lifetimes of sexual experiences, romances and self-discoveries.
  • Selena Thompson’s “Race Cards.” The UK-based performance artist has 1,000 questions about race transcribed onto note cards. You’re invited to answer one of them.
  • “Grackle Call.” Steve Parker’s performative audiovisual tour about Austin favorite/least favorite bird.  Participants will be provided with binoculars, mp3 players, and a printed program guide that will lead them to performances, installations, radio stories and soundscapes. [See our profile at “What is Steve Parker actually doing?”]
  • Unforgettable Dutch troupe Wunderbaum returns to Fusebox for a third time.“The History of my Stiffness” is a performance about the Dutch inability to move supplely and investigation into how cultural background determines may or may not determine how you move.

    Charles O. Anderson’s “Re(current) Unrest”

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